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Greetings Parents and Students,
Thank you for your patience as we transition into electronic learning for the remainder of the school year.  I encourage all students to log into Mobymax.com and begin an individualized mathematics program based on the initial assessment.  The daily recommended time would be 20 to 30 minutes, the program tracks the work time for me.  
The two weeks of work assigned, lessons 8-1 through 8-4, should be completed.  Starting 4/6/20 I will review and answer questions during the daily zoom video lessons (link below) Monday through Friday 10:00 -11:00 am.  The quiz for each lesson and the End of Year Final will be given online through Pearson Realize website.
Algebra 1 students should complete unit 5 in the purple workbook and take the unit 5 review test.  The Khanacademy will be used to finish the Algebra 1 lessons, I will have links below for the lessons.
8th Grade Links and Login information:
Pearson Realize online curriculum (Quiz is taken here)
Go to the website pearsonrealize.com and login using the following:
Your login is the first letter of your first name, followed by the first letter of you last name, followed by your student ID. (Example: Joe Smith is js101999)
The password is huskies1
Please email if you have any problems logging in.
9th Grade Algebra 1 Links:
Khan Academy Lesson and Assessments
Exponential Growth and Decay
Quadratics: Multiplying and Factoring
Quadratics: Functions and Equations
Once you complete the lessons and assessments you can take the Final for the class.  On the bottom is the Course Challenge, complete this and email a screenshot of your score to me.
Zoom Video Lesson Link
Monday through Friday 10:00-11:00 am.
Create account at zoom.us in your own Student Name
Unrecognized names will not be admitted.
Meeting ID: 650 093 672
Password: 037855
Welcome Parents, Caring Adults and New Students. I have been teaching Middle School Mathematics for over ten years. I worked in Business as a Manager for twenty years at Fortune 500 companies such as Sam’s Club, American Express, and Boeing. I take those real world experiences into the classroom and share stories involving key mathematical principles. I look forward to working with your student and using state of the art assessment tools to ensure educational growth.

E-mail Address: mbrandt@ballcharterschools.org

Homework Resource: Khanacademy.org (Math tutorial videos and quizzes)