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I have been teaching art to grades K-12 since 2007. I received my BFA in Textile Design from Rhode Island School of Design and later earned my teaching certification through Rio Salado College's Post Baccalaureate program. I have been teaching Art at Hearn Academy since July 2010!!
**Coronavirus Update 3-31-2020
Due to the extended school closures, looks like we will be finishing the 2019-2020 school year online! Of course this is uncharted territory for most of us, myself included. Bear with me as I, too, am learning to navigate this new system of learning. I am trying to make your assignments easy to access, understand and to follow. The format is similar to how I teach my lessons in person, where I introduce them with things such as videos on artists or art history, books/songs, or techniques followed by modeling the lesson step by step either with a document camera or in this case, a drawing video. I will include the printed version of the lesson along with any relevant handouts when available.
As I understand these extenuating circumstances are very stressful for both students and their families, I want to emphasize that I want your art projects to be fun and informative, not burdensome or overwhelming. Please feel free to use or to substitute any kind of art materials with the ones mentioned in the lessons. Simple copy paper and a pencil can work for all your assignments if that is all you have available. 
For grades K-2, I will post assignments under the Student tab/Mandatory Closure School Work. And, for grades 3-8, I will post assignments on Google Classroom. I also provided links to drawing websites as well as printable material you might be interested in, which can be found under the Student tab/Mandatory Closure School Work. You can email me anytime (I will try to respond within 48hours), and I will be available to Zoom conference during my Office hours. Please note the following:
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 4-5pm with Zoom (April 6-May 20, 2020)

**Specialists will be available on Zoom Monday-Friday from 4:00-5:00pm. However, due to privacy security for your children, we will not be posting the meeting ID. If you would like to speak with me during this time, please email me for their Zoom information at the above email address.

Green Group (1st, Murphy 3rd, Brink 5th) Ends April 3rd
Blue Group (2nd, Knoblauch 4th, Debreceni 6th) April 6-28th
Purple Group (1st, Engel 3rd, Falgione 5th) April 29-May 20th
Gauthier 7th (R5) Ends April 7th
Griffin 8th (R6) April 8-May 20th
Due dates are somewhat flexible as long as you are adhering to the following guidelines and are submitting work no later than your ending date:
Kindergarten: Students are assigned to a color group/class (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Blue). Classes meet year round, 1x per week for 50 mins each class. Projects usually extend anywhere between 2-4 class periods, depending on how long it takes students to finish each step.
1st/2nd: During each 3 week session, students meet approximately 5X and classes are 50 mins each. Typically we complete one project per 3 week session, sometimes two.
3rd-6th: Students have two 3 week sessions per year. During each session, students meet daily and classes are 50 mins each. Typically we complete 2-3 projects per 3 week sessions or 4-6 per year.
7-8th: Students have one 6 week rotation per year. During the rotation, classes meet daily for 50 mins each. Typically we complete 3-4 projects per 6 week sessions.
Most importantly, I hope you are staying safe and healthy! And by all means, if you are at all bored, please use this time to cultivate your creativity and to sharpen your skills in art. And remember to never underestimate the power of art, especially during these times of uncertainty. One picture speaks a thousand words, and a thoughtful drawing could lift someone's spirits and brighten their day! 

**Please take a photo of your finished artwork and email it to me, or for grades 3-8, you can send the photo as an attachment in google classroom. The following shows how many assignments are due for each grade level before the school year ends:

Kinder: 2 assignments

Grades 1-2: 1 assignment

Grades 3-8: 2 assignments