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First Grade

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Strand 1: Creativity and Innovation

Concept 1: Knowledge and Ideas

Use technology to generate knowledge and new ideas.

PO 1. Evaluate information to generate ideas.




Concept 2: Models and Simulations

Use digital models and simulations to examine real-world connections, explore complex systems and issues, and enhance understanding.

PO 1. Identify elements of a digital model or simulation.

PO 2. Explore and identify models and simulations.


PO 3. Identify a system.


Concept 3: Trends and Possibilities

Use technology to forecast trends and possibilities.


PO 1. Recognize and create patterns.

PO 1. Use digital creativity tools to develop ideas and create a project.


PO 2. Use digital collaborative tools to develop collective ideas.



Concept 4: Original Works

Use technology to create original works in innovative ways.


PO 1. Use digital creativity tools to develop ideas and create a project.


PO 2. Use digital collaborative tools to develop collective ideas.


Strand 2: Communication and Collaboration

Concept 1: Effective Communications and Digital Interactions

Communicate and collaborate with others employing a variety of digital environments and media.

PO 1. Communicate with others as a whole class using digital tools.

PO 2. Identify and demonstrate safe and appropriate behavior when using digital environments.

Concept 2: Digital Solutions

Contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems.

PO 1. Participate in a classroom learning project using digital collaborative resources. 

Concept 3: Global Connections

 Create cultural understanding and global awareness by interacting with learners of other cultures.

PO 1. Participate as a class in communication at a distance.


Strand 3: Research and Information Literacy

Concept 1:  Planning

Plan strategies to guide inquiry using technology.


PO 1. Generate key words and synonyms for a search.


PO 2. Explore information and online sources.

Concept 2: Processing

Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media.


PO 1. Conduct a search using multiple keywords.

PO 2. Use preselected sources.

PO 3. Differentiate between a fact, untruth, and an opinion.

PO 4. Sort information into major topics.

PO 5. Identify and follow ethical behaviors when using resources.


Strand 4: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making


Concept 1: Investigation

Identify and define authentic problems and significant questions for investigation.


         Grade 1

PO 1. Collaborate as a class or small group to select an essential question to research using digital resources.


Concept 2: Exploring Solutions

         Grade 1

PO 1. Participate as group to manage a learning project and identify sources.

PO 2. Propose solutions by discussing data collected to answer a question.


Strand 5: Digital Citizenship

Concept 1: Safety and Ethics

Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology.

         Grade 1

PO 1. Recognize and discuss when it is appropriate to use a personal digital device.


PO 2. Define cyber-bullying.

PO 3. Identify and articulate rules for the use of digital tools as defined by school board policy and procedures.

PO 4. Discuss why it may be dangerous to visit certain Internet sites.


         Grade 1


PO 5. Recognize, discuss, and demonstrate appropriate behavior for
 technology use and show respect for technology

Concept 2: Leadership for Digital Citizenship

Demonstrate leadership for digital citizenship.

         Grade 1

PO 1. Recognize and discuss how students and families use technology to make their lives better.



Strand 6: Technology Operations and Concepts

Concept 1: Understanding

Recognize, define and use technology term, processes, systems and applications.


         Grade 1

PO 1. Define 

basic technology terms.



PO 2. Identify and define technology process terminology.




PO 3. Identify technology applications for a given activity/project.

PO 4. Demonstrate knowledge of ergonomics and electrical safety when using computers. 

Concept 2: Application

Select and use applications effectively and productively.

         Grade 1

PO 1. Understand   keyboarding techniques when using the keyboard to type letters, numbers and special key functions.



PO 2. Compose a document that applies basic formatting.

         Grade 1

PO 3. Use multimedia presentation programs to create simple class assignments.

PO 4. Identify and use common navigational elements of a web page.

PO 5. Demonstrate appropriate use of log-in procedures.

Concept 3: Troubleshoot Systems and Processes

Define problems and investigates solutions in systems and processes

         Grade 1

PO 1. Understand that there are different types of problems with technology and identify the type of problem and the steps needed to solve.


Concept 4: Transfer of Knowledge

Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.

         Grade 1

PO 1. Transfer understanding of current symbols and icons to learning new technologies.