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Lunchroom Program


Menus are sent home monthly to allow students to select their breakfast and/or lunch option.  The cost for breakfast is $1.75 per day and lunch is $3.00 per day.  Students are required to prepay for their meal selections with their order.  Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card by contacting the Nutritional Services Director at: 602-896-9160 Ext. 201 or with a debit card through www.myschoolaccount.com .  In addition to paying for your child’s meals you can check your child’s account balance, set up for a low balance alert etc. through this website.   


If your child brings lunch, please send it with them in the morning and provide them with the necessary utensils.  In the event a child forgets to bring their sack lunch, we will ask them to contact the parent to either bring them lunch or authorize the student to receive an alternate meal of two fruits and a milk at $1.00 or if available a school lunch at $2.95.  The amount will be charged to the students account and is due the following school day.   Please do not make it a habit of dropping off lunch after school begins.   We will not disrupt class instruction for students to pick up lunches in the office. 


The lunchroom has microwaves available to students for reheating purposes a maximum of 3 minutes per student is allowed.  Please talk with your child about appropriate items to be reheated in a microwave and the prescribed heating times for foods and to not put aluminum foil or any metals in the microwave.   Please do not send frozen items or items that take more 3 minutes to reheat (no popcorn packets are allowed).  Student’s that violate the rules for microwave use will have their privileges revoked.  


No carbonated beverages or Energy drinks are allowed in the lunch room.  If a child brings an item that is not allowed, it will be confiscated. 


Unpaid Meal Charge Policy


It is important that your child eats breakfast/lunch daily and therefore, once an account becomes negative the Nutritional Services Coordinator will inform the student of the low balance. In addition,  a letter will be sent home with the student to notify the parent of a negative account balance or if provided, the parent will receive an email with the account information.


In the event an account continues to remain negative, we will follow the school policy regarding unpaid accounts.  A student may charge up to 3 meals, either 3 lunches, 3 breakfasts or a combination of lunch and breakfast. Students who have exhausted their charges are then provided two fruits and a milk as an alternate meal and their account will be charged $1.00.  A student will be provided up to 3 alternate meals prior to the student not being served breakfast and/or lunch.   Parents will be responsible for sending a sack lunch for their child until the account is brought current and contains a positive balance.



School Health and Nutrition Program


Arizona Nutritional Standards became mandatory effective July 1, 2006 for grades K-8.  For complete policy guidelines you can visit ADE website www.ade.az.gov/health -safety/cnp/nslp.  Hearn Academy does follow both state and national guidelines as required.    


Any snacks that are brought in for classmates must be store bought and sealed.  No homemade food is allowed to be distributed to the students.  Carbonated beverages are not allowed to be brought to school by students and will be confiscated. Parents bringing lunch to their child may not bring carbonated beverages on campus. 


When sending items to recognize your child’s birthday, please send an item from the healthy Snack List below.  No Cupcakes will be allowedIn the event cupcakes are sent with they will not be distributed.    


Healthy Snacks to share in the Classroom

  1. Precut Fruit
  2. Precut Veggies
  3. Unsweetened Craisins / Raisins
  4. Motts /Dole fruit cups In fruit juice
  5. Motts/ Dole squeezables
  6. Unsweetened apple sauce
  7. Del Monte fruit cups with no added sugar
  8. Fruit leather
  9. Cheese sticks / String cheese
  10. Gogurts (Frozen)
  11. 100% Fruit juice
  12. Smartfoods Popcorn
  13. Baked Chips
  14. Veggie Straws
  15. Pop Chips
  16. Baked Tortilla Chips ( not spicy )
  17. Lays baked chips
  18. Doritos
  19. Whole grain Pretzels
  20. Rice Cakes
  21. Popped Wheat Thins
  22. Whole Grain Goldfish
  23. Cheeze-It crackers
  24. Graham crackers
  25. Animal crackers
  26. Nutri grain Bars
  27. Cereal Bars
  28. Kashi TLC Granola Bars
  29. Kashi chewy bars
  30. Nature Valley Granola bars
  31. Quaker Chewy granola bars
  32. Belvita Biscuit
  33. Benefit bars
  34. Betty Crocker oatmeal bars
  35. Pepperidge farm Whole grain Giant goldfish
  36. Welch’s Fruit snacks or fruit snacks made with real fruit or juice
  37. Cereal that can be eaten by hand.  Cheerios, Chex, Kix, Life, Crispex
  38. Whole Grain choc chip cookies (Buzz Strong)



Hearn Academy is not a peanut free school.  If your child has a peanut allergy, you will need to complete the peanut free release form with the nurse and provide all snacks your children receives at school. There is a peanut free table provided in the lunchroom.