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Literary Resources

Help Your Child Be A Thoughtful Reader
School-wide and Nationwide, comprehension scores
for Reading are some of our lowest scores.
Comprehension scores are an indication of:
1. How much a child reads – children that don’t read much have their lowest scores in comprehension.
2. How much analysis is naturally attached to the reading, as it is accomplished, is a matter of habit.
Here are some ways in which you can help your child:
A. Make sure your child reads every night, has a quiet place to do so, and values the experience because the family reads together – not because he or she has to do it.
B. Get help from the teacher or a librarian to see that your student is spending all this time reading the right level books of interest.
C. Good readers form mental pictures when they read. Read a book without letting the child see it. Then, ask him/her to guess what the illustrations look like. That is, how are the characters dressed? Is the setting bright or gloomy, etc.
D. Choose books on tape or DVD to listen to with your children in the car and then discuss them– not in a questioning way but in an enjoyment way.
E. Above all, be sure your family reads and values reading together. Sharing books and reading will be the most memorable quiet experiences you have as a family.
-The ability to read and take in what another person is thinking awakes inside of us some long dormant craving to be mentally alive.