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Children whose parents are visible on campus on a regular basis, do better with school and put more credence on academics and learning.
For this reason, and also in the interest of keeping your taxes low for the support of schools, we recommend that you find a way to volunteer at the school for 3 hours each quarter.
There are a number of ways that this can be done:
A. You can volunteer to work at home.
B. You can come with your children and help us on the weekend, “Hearn Pride Days.”
C. You can volunteer tutor students.
D. You can volunteer to assist in the office.
E. You can volunteer to help in the cafeteria.
F. You can volunteer to help your child’s classroom.
G. You can volunteer to help in one of 14 ways without a background check or fingerprint card.
H. Volunteering out in the classrooms requires that you get a fingerprint card.
Please click on the link “Do You Need a Fingerprint Card?
Currently searching for parents with Fingerprint clearance cards to assist with tutoring of students on campus.
Please call the front office for more information about how you can help. You can reach us at 602-896-9160.