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Why Choose Hearn Academy?

Advanced Placement (AP) is an integral part of the curriculum at Hearn Academy.
We test 3 times per year to ensure students who are working above grade level are placed in the appropriate class for their ability. We currently offer AP classes at every grade level K-6 and also for 7th/8th Math and Language Arts.
We are the 1st elementary/middle school to offer fully accredited HS courses in 8th grade.
What We Offer.
  • Gifted? Yes, we have differentiated grouping for early advancement and also Advanced Placement. We show academic recognition every marking period.
  • Smaller Class Sizes "Kindergarten 20"-Each classroom at Hearn Academy will not exceed 26 students, this provides teachers and students the ability for the individual attention that every child deserves.
  • Uniforms are worn by all students. More information can be obtained from the office or click on the Uniforms link for further information
  • Certified Teachers-Quality teachers are essential for student and school success. Hearn Academy selects teachers who are intelligent, hard-working, well-organized, responsible, and caring. We expect all of our teachers meet all state certification requirements. Many of the teachers have special training literacy, numeracy, classroom management, the arts, music, technology, giftedness and other activities.
  • Technology-Technology will be used to support the work of teachers, students and staff members. Hearn Academy provides up to 13 computers from 3rd-8th in the classroom for daily computer use. Our school also has a 27 station computer lab with state of the art equipment.
  • School Wide Enrichment- Hearn Academy offers after school programs, tutoring, day camps over our vacation breaks, before and after school care, as well as many other programs. To find out more information click on the following links below!
  • Volunteer Program-Hearn Academy participates in A.L.I.V.E. Active Learning Ignited through Volunteer Enrichment.
  • Learn more about the Volunteer Program.
  • Extra Curricular Activities-Hearn Academy offers a variety of extra curricular activities which challenge and excite the students. Sports offered throughout the year include flag football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Intellectual and cultural activities include Math Club, Homework Club, Chess Club, Knex Club Piano.
  • Every student at Hearn Academy will participate in Physical Education, Art, Chinese, Technology and Music.