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About Us » Hearn Academy Wellness Policy

Hearn Academy Wellness Policy

This policy is intended to provide health and nutrition standards for the students and campus community of Hearn Academy. The guidelines are based on the recommendations of nationally recognized authorities, including the Surgeon General of the United States, the National Association of State Boards of Education, the American Dietetics Association and the National Association of Sports and Physical Education.

The Wellness Policy is broken down into five main components:

I. Nutrition Guidelines

II. Guidelines for Reimbursable School Meals

III. Goals for Achieving Student Wellness Through;

A. Nutrition education
B. Physical education
C. Daily physical activity

IV. Monitoring the Policy

V. Community Involvement

I. Nutrition Guidelines

The Arizona Nutrition Standards will apply to all foods and beverages sold or provided by Hearn Academy during the normal school day. This includes the school lunch program, snack bars, fund raisers an school events.

Hearn Academy will use only those foods or beverages that meet the nutrition standards as rewards for academic performance or good behavior, such as fruits, vegetables, low fat and low sugar snacks.

Special Events

When curricular based food experiences are planned, staff and students are encouraged to seek out good nutrition choices whenever appropriate.

Parents will be education and asked to meet the nutrition guidelines when donating snacks and other food or beverages.

Campus Conduct

Advertising messages should be consistent with the educational and nutritional objectives of Hearn Academy. The staff will be allowed to consume food and beverages outside of the nutritional guidelines; they will be encouraged to be discreet. Any soft drinks or fast food should be consumed away from the students. A soda can on a teacher’s desk is sending the wrong message to students.

II. Guidelines for Reimbursable School Meals

School Lunch

Students will be given 20 minutes for lunch
Students will be given 20 minutes for recess

School lunch preparation will meet the Federal Regulations for the National Sschool Lunch program.

III. Goals for Achieving Student Wellness

Nutrition Education

Students in Grades K-8 will receive nutrition education that is interactive and teaches the skills needed to adopt healthy eating behaviors.

Nutrition education topics will be integrated into classroom curriculum including math, science, language arts, social studies. Nutrition topics will also be emphasized during snack times.

Physical Activity

Hearn Academy will provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities, maintains physical fitness, regularly participate in physical activity and understand the short and long-term benefits of a physically active and health conscious lifestyle.

All students will be provided opportunities for physical activity during the school day through daily recess periods, physical education classes and integration of physical activity into academic curriculum.

All Hearn Academy students will have at least 20 minutes a day of supervised recess during which physical activity will be encouraged. Denial of recess for any student will be discouraged, with the exception of an occasional lunch detention.

Physical Education (PE)

All students in K-6 will receive a minimum of 40 minutes of PE per week. Students in Grades 7-8 shall receive as many sessions as possible. Some of these sessions may be a part of exploratory classes.
Students will spend at least 50% of PE class time participating in moderate to vigorous physical activity. A parent, caregiver or physician’s dated note will be required for non participation.

Hearn Academy students will participate in a Physical Education program that is based on the Pangrazi curriculum. This program will have the students practice and master many different types of fitness, movement and sport related skills that will allow them to participate in exercise and movement throughout their life. This will include the incorporation of the President’s Fitness Test.

IV. Monitoring the Policy

The Leadership committee will meet two times a year to review the policy. This will include assessing the school using the Healthy School Index.

V. Community Involvement

The Policy was created in conjunction with Dobson Academy, including parents, teachers, school staff, board members and students.